Planning Enforcement Advice & Appeals

Planning enforcement can be particularly complicated, stressful and costly. In many cases, there will be more than one way of resolving your case and the local planning authority’s preferred remedy may not be the most cost-effective or serve your best interests. However, you should never ignore correspondence from the local planning authority, especially enforcement notices, as to do so can limit your options.

One option is to appeal to the Planning Inspectorate against the enforcement notice. This can be more complex than appealing a refusal of planning permission, as there are more grounds on which you can make your appeal. You must act quickly if you receive an enforcement notice as you can only appeal against it before it comes into effect.  

Other common options for resolving enforcement cases include:

Why should I employ HPD?

If you have little chance of securing retrospective planning permission or successfully appealing an enforcement notice, HPD will be up-front and honest. However, if you have a reasonable case, HPD will apply its expertise and work hard to try and achieve a positive outcome. Our ultimate aim is to resolve your case, whenever possible to your advantage, whilst seeking to avoid unnecessary expense, stress and anxiety.