Planning Appeals

Many companies that 'specialise' in planning appeals will advise that you appeal almost every refusal of permission. However, it should be a last resort after all alternatives have been explored and exhausted.

Local planning authorities do not always give correct advice and do not get every decision right. Consequently, although you should always pay very careful attention to their opinions and decisions, you should not always accept them as being correct or final. This is particularly the case if their reason(s) for refusal are subjective and you simply believe their decision to be unsubstantiated or erroneous, having had regard to the relevant planning policies and legislation.  

Why should I employ HPD?

If your appeal is to succeed and the decision of the local planning authority is to be overturned, the planning inspector must be convinced that the local planning authority made the wrong decision. To give your appeal the best chance of success, HPD will apply its expertise and experience to make strong and convincing arguments to counter the local planning authority’s reason(s) for refusing planning permission. In addition, HPD will also seek to identify supportive planning policies, guidance and lines of reasoning to which the local planning authority may have had insufficient regard, which can tip the balance in your favour.



HPD can often prepare and submit your appeal in a matter of days. Once your appeal is with the Planning Inspectorate, timescales can vary.  If an appeal is made by written representations (which is the most common procedure) householder cases are typically resolved in eight weeks and other cases in 18 weeks.